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Food stored in plant” Science Lab

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2023-09-09 11:11:42

“Food stored in plant” Science Lab

An experiment on generating and accumulating food in plants. using iodine solution The experimental process begins with testing the properties of iodine. When the iodine solution meets the starch, the color changes to dark blue. In this activity, children The leaves were collected, and chlorophyll was extracted using ethyl alcohol solution. When the chlorophyll-extracted leaves were dripped with iodine solution, the results appeared dark blue on the leaves. shows that Plants produce food in the leaves and store food in the form of starch.

The learning activities were organized by Ajarn Nataphol Yupeensuk (Professor Golf) from the Science and Technology group. The children were extremely excited to use science equipment and encounter fire in their first science experiments. Gaining both knowledge and experience like this is refreshing for both students and teachers.